How to Add Hit Making Value to Your Productions

Whether you are a rapper, singer, producer or filmaker, you need great quality music for your productions. These days there are plenty options for those of you involved in creative industries. You can buy beats online, license royalty free music, license music from established artists (highly costly) or simply make the music yourself. No matter which method you choose, the music in your productions needs to be of good quality. I get seriously annoyed if I’m watching a movie or TV show and they’re using some painfully generic sounding background music!

In the above video clip I present a new sample pack called Radio UberStarz Vol 1. It features 5 Hip Hop/R&B/Pop construction kits which are perfect for any of the aforementioned uses. Artists who usually buy beats online can use kits like these if they are in the mood (and have the capacity) to be more creative, as these kits give you more flexibility than just using an mp3. Producers can use these loops to add to or inspire their own beats. A producer is NOT necessarily the guy who plays all the instruments in a beat. That guy would be called a composer, musician or simply just beatmaker. A producer is the person with the overall creative vision for a project. He decides what goes where and how it should sound. Loops and samples have long been a big part of a true producer’s arsenal (If you play many instruments or compose your own beats from scratch, that’s great too!).

Take some time out to check out the loops and samples in the kit featured here, and perhaps some of my other kits. They are proven, trusted by other producers and can easily help you add that hit-making sound to your productions